Physics and Advanced Violin Technique

Dr. Wendy Case - Violin
This is the link for those who want to observe. Please share with other students and teachers you think would be interested.  There is limited seating so we encourage making your reservation today!  
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Violin Students besides my own are playing and this class is designed to offer time for questions from the audience. Bringing your violin is highly encouraged to immediately put ideas and thoughts into action. Come prepared with specific technical passages from your own repertoire as well as those that will be specific to the class.  (See detailed description below)
In addition to Dr. Case’s wonderful lecture and work with each participant, Emily Dixon will be attending and on hand to answer any violin care related questions.  It is just as important as good violin technique to care for your instrument and to attend to the required maintenance.  All in the service of sounding our best at all times! 

Violinists spend many years focusing on technique, but there are very few road maps when it comes to the most challenging repertoire.  This lecture/demonstration by a local college music professor will explore the basic concepts related to the physics of sound on the violin and how to use these concepts to create a facile and relaxed technique.  Dr. Case has presented this material both to engineers and musicians, and this evenings’ presentation will be geared towards teachers, advanced students, and professionals.  We will specifically reference Kreutzer Etude No. 2, scales, and the first movement of the Bruch Violin Concerto.  Bring your violins and your questions about technique in difficult passages!

Dr. Wendy Case

Dr. Wendy Case has performed all over the world as a chamber musician and recitalist.  She serves on the violin faculty of Berry College, Covenant College, and Chattanooga State.  She performs with the Tetris Duo, the Atlanta Symphony, the Scenic City Chamber Society, and the Nashville Opera.  Her current projects include several recording endeavors and a series of presentations on the interplay of advanced string technique and acoustical physics. Influential teachers include Andrew Jennings, Philip Setzer (Emerson Quartet), Soovin Kim, and William Preucil. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, painting, and spending time with friends.

Attention Clarinetists!

My friend and former colleague from the Westchester Band, of Scarsdale, NY, Tom Heimer, has published an etude book. The Most Advanced Clarinet Book. The book is filled with very practical advice for performers today.

It also includes 27 challenging and fun etudes to play.  A very good addition to the clarinet etude repertoire!

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