Music Lessons

for Violin, Viola, Clarinet, Saxophone & Recorder

Both David and Bryony are certified Suzuki music teachers; a very good way to learn an instrument, at any age.  If you'd like to learn more about the Suzuki method, please go to our Suzuki Method Page.

If you sign up for a free trial lesson at our downtown studio, we will introduce you to our methods of teaching and teaching philosophy. If lessons in Chattanooga are not possible, we offer lessons on Skype. Having lessons in the studio is very beneficial to our students because of our unique space.  The combination of high ceilings, brick walls, and carefully selected hanging fabrics and curtains allow our students to work on sound production and projection in a way that few music studios can offer. 

When you sign up for weekly lessons, you will have the ability to be a part of performance opportunities that happen several times every semester.  Sometimes at the studio, and sometimes at local Performance venues. This helps students share their hard work with their friends and family, and helps build a sense of community.

Daily Dr. Sinichi Suzuki quote:

“Good or evil, beauty or ugliness, daily behavior itself becomes one’s flesh and blood before one realizes it. It becomes habit through repetition.”

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lessons on Skype available

Attention Clarinetists!

My friend and former colleague from the Westchester Band, of Scarsdale, NY, Tom Heimer, has published an etude book. The Most Advanced Clarinet Book. The book is filled with very practical advice for performers today.

It also includes challenging and fun etudes and exercises to play.  A very good addition to the clarinet etude repertoire!

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