Guidelines and Tips for a Successful Challenge Experience! 

  • During your practice session, check off the assignments written in your notebook as you complete them.  With each check you are building a good habit and your confidence grows.  
  • Each day of practice must be initialed by the student or a parent. We operate by the Honor Code. The evidence will be obvious by how well you play in you lessons and rehearsals from week to week!  
  • Lesson or Group class days only count if you practice before or after class or lesson.    
  • If you are traveling without your instrument, sick, or injured you can earn your practice checks by listening to the recording of your pieces and visualizing yourself playing.   
  • More Helpful PRO-TIPS
    • “Only practice on the days that you eat!” Dr. Suzuki
    • When in doubt, listen to the recording! 
    • Quality, not quantity. 
    • Practice begins when you get it right!
    • Break down big goals into smaller achievable goals.  That way you can be successful everyday!  

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