Sept. 11, 2019, 6:45-7:30 PM

Parent inspiration class is tomorrow night! I am focused this year on empowering and supporting you to become confident at home teachers and practice partners.  It will be fun and relaxed and this is a great opportunity to meet other parents, share stories, and inspire one another.  I will have snacks and adult beverages on hand to make this social, fun and informational!  
The plan for tomorrow is, to begin with seeing clips of the documentary about Dr. Suzuki called Nurtured by Love and another film called Circling Around.  I know you will be inspired!  I also want to draw your attention to the SAA (Suzuki Association of the Americas) which offers an Associate Membership and this gives you access to so much support and information that will help!  Please take a look at the website and consider signing up for this resource. In addition to the online resource you will receive a one-year subscription to the American Suzuki Journal!  Worth every penny!

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