Group Classes

Group Classes

Twinkle Group Class

Suzuki Book 1 Pre-Minuets

4-8 years of age

Twinkle Time!  Did you know that the rhythm of the first variation on Mozart’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the same as the Bach Double Violin Concerto?  This class reinforces posture, bow control, and review of the first half of Suzuki Book 1.  Parents are highly encouraged to take this class together with their child and will provide much needed support as together you discover the joys of playing the violin. 

Bourree Group Class

Suzuki Books 3-5 and BEYOND!

12-18 years of age

Concertos, orchestral excerpts, sonatas, character pieces, and etudes are all acceptable repertoire for this class.  The intent of this group class is to prepare students for playing solo in recitals, concerts, or competitions with the benefit of a supportive environment and knowledgable listeners.  Each class will begin with centering exercises and after honoring each performance discuss next steps as a group.  We will focus on how to overcome anxiety and get into "the zone" to become the best and happy musicians we can be. 

Allegro Group Class

Suzuki Book 1 & 2

5-12 years of age

Learning together is a fun and socially rewarding activity!  Participating in this monthly group class will help prepare students for ensemble playing in the future.  It is important to review pieces from the Suzuki books and listening to our CD's help, but hearing and seeing another student playing a pieces is inspirational.  As students progress musically and gain more technical skills they can enjoy playing "old friends" using their new techniques and musicianship.  Basic two part harmony will be practiced as well as ensemble playing.

Fundamentals Class

12-18 years of age, by permission of the instructor. 

This group class is designed to put the fun in fundamental techniques such as scales, arpeggios, and double stops as well as explore different ways to use the metronome.  Basic music theory will be reviewed each week to support our focus on the rudiments of music.  Working on these important core exercises as a group also strengthens chamber music and ensemble skills.  It is an unavoidable fact that these skills and music theory knowledge are required for music auditions and entrance exams.  Many conservatories have scale juries during freshman and sophomore years.  Be prepared to FUNdamentally change how you practice at home inspired once a month by this class designed to help face common challenges.