Hispanic Heritage Month Practice-a-thon

Your best friend!

Students and parents have agreed to make practicing a special priority during September and October 2018. Our mission is to raise funds to assist Suzuki teachers and Suzuki families in Puerto Rico while strengthening our practice habits and making beautiful music in their honor. 100% of the money collected will be sent to the Suzuki community in Puerto Rico.

To reach our goal, please try to find ten sponsors. Fill out the sponsor sheet, practice hard, and then collect the funds for the Southside Studio Practice-a-thon.  We will be checking in on how you are doing each week and give a progress report at the Estrellitas concert on September 30th, 2018. On October 15, add up the minutes and contact your Sponsors to collect the money.  Please have your sponsors write the checks out directly to “Southside Studio” marked “Suzuki-Puerto Rico.”  Cash collected can be sent directly via PayPal, either through your account or ours.  We can help you with that if you don’t have a PayPal account. We hope that each of you will participate in the Practice-a-thon to the best of your ability. Thank you very much for your participation!


Students may start collecting pledges as soon as they receive the pledge sheets. Each sponsor making a pledge should write their name, pledge per hour, and/or maximum pledge. Students may collect the pledge in advance- but please keep pledges until all funds are collected.

During the Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15, students will complete the practice chart and ask their parents to initial the practice time for each day. Any time the student is playing his/her instrument counts toward practice time; including lessons, group classes, school orchestra, youth orchestra and concerts. Upon completion of the Practice-a-thon, students will contact sponsors, collect outstanding pledges, and bring pledge sheets and all funds to their teacher. Southside Studio Teachers will send funds to the Suzuki teachers and families in Puerto Rico directly via PayPal.

Downloadable Files: