Practice Balance Challenge

Practice|Balance Challenge







Point System

  • There are 5 equal sections each worth 20 value points
  • 5 points are automatically earned if you practice a section
  • 5 points are deducted if you skip a section
  • Extra Credit is possible
  • We recommend always starting with the section I Warm-Ups so that your body and ears are ready for anything
  • Try and do at least one activity from each section
  • Strive for 100 points on all the days you eat! 
  • Use your Southside Studio Practice Book to help you keep track of points!

I. Warm Ups 20 points total

  • Greet your instrument
    • Tuning/ Long Tones
    • Open Strings
  • Scales and Arpeggios
    • 1, 2, 3, or 4 octaves
    • Rhythms or bowing patterns
    • Velocity
  • Exercises, Studies, or Etudes
    • Bow Arm Development
    • Left Hand Dexterity
    • Coordination
    • Musicality, Expression, and Style
  • Improvisation
    • Blues Scale
    • Free improvisation!
    • Explore extended techniques!

II. Review Music 20 points total

  • Three Most Recent Pieces
    • Retention of Pitch, Rhythm, and Bowings (Stage 1)
    • Expression, Dynamics, and Musical Bow Distribution (Stage 2)
  • Performance Ready Repertoire (Stage 3)
    • Comfortable with Piano
    • Confident and effortless delivery

III. New Music 20 points total

  • New Challenges and New Repertoire
    • Challenge Spots
    • New technique
    • New Code, Fingering, Shift or Key Change
    • Work with metronome to gain fluency
    • Play everyday
  • Review Spots
    • Play from memory as soon as possible
    • Improve tempo and clarity
  • Listen
    • New to you Music should be listened to everyday
    • Study with your part
    • Study with a score (piano part of full orchestral score - IMSLP!)
    • Record yourself playing
      • Same spot everyday
      • Favorite Music Clips
      • Performance Piece

IV. Ensemble Music 20 points total

  • Prepare by listening
  • Know where the problem spots are ahead of time (don’t learn these in rehearsal!)
  • Make notes of sections the conductor has mentioned that need attention
  • Ask your teacher for their advice on specific problem spots
  • seek out a recording or video (use quality control!)

V. Solo Music 20 points total

  • Upcoming Concert Dates Schedule
    • always have a goal or several!
  • Service through Music Volunteering
    • music is healing! Offer it freely!
  • Masterclasses
    • Good to hear new perspectives!
  • Auditions
    • mock auditions
  • Summer Programs and Intensives
    • deadlines and audition material

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